Frequently Asked Questions



Are Spoon Ring Guy ear posts hypoallergenic?

All Spoon Ring Guy ear posts will be labeled on the material they are made with. Most earrings are made with silver plate. People who have sensitive ears, we do not recommended these as hypollergenic earrings.



What can I do if I lose one earring?

We know it's frustrating to lose a favorite earring. But don't worry, we can help.
Our Earring Replacement Process has two simple steps:
  1. Return your remaining earring.
  2. Purchase a new pair of earrings for one-half of the current price.


I have selected several charms that I would like to have soldered on a charm bracelet. What do you charge for this service?

We are happy to solder Spoon Ring Guy for you. First-time solders of our charms are complimentary. To have a Spoon Ring Guy charm moved or re-soldered, there is a $5.00 charge for each solder. If you need several charms soldered to one item, please specify the location and spacing you would like for each of the charms. We will need you to ship your items to us if we do not currently have them. 


I’m not sure of my ring size. How can I find out what size I wear?

The width of the band is an important factor to consider when measuring for a ring. Generally, a tapered ring will fit your normal ring size while a ring with a band ¼" or wider requires a half size larger. All Spoon Ring Guy rings are available in full and half sizes. For your convenience, download our printable Ring Size Guide or stop in at your nearest jewelry store and ask them to size your finger. If you are near Pipe & Palette Home Outfitters in Plano, Texas. They can help you as well with your correct ring size. 


How do I properly clean and care for my Spoon Ring Guy purchase?

Polishing jewelry regularly will take care of most tarnishing and cleaning problems and help reduce the chance of skin irritation. We recommend a lint-free polishing cloth which we have available. If your jewelry needs a little more attention than gentle polishing, use a mild detergent and warm water with a soft brush. Avoid the use of harsh chemical dips and only allow a professional jeweler to clean your jewelry. To learn more, see our Care and Cleaning Guide.

How should I properly store my jewelry?

To minimize the chance of scratches, separate your jewelry into a compartmentalized box, and store it in a soft flannel pouch.

Why does my jewelry sometimes leave a black residue on my clothing or skin?

Certain types of cosmetics contain chemicals that can abrade your jewelry, causing a sort of metallic dust. This metallic dust often appears black and can cause smudges on your skin or clothing. To avoid this problem, put on your jewelry after applying your cosmetics.
Black smudges may also be caused by corrosion due to perspiration, exposure to salts and exposure to hydrogen sulfide gas (present in polluted air and industrial chemicals). To avoid these smudges, we recommend that you do not wear your jewelry while handling chemicals or products containing sulfur, and gently polish your jewelry often to remove tarnish.

Why do I occasionally have skin irritation when wearing my ring?

Some people occasionally experience a burning, itching and/or redness, usually on the skin beneath rings. This condition may be due to the build-up of soaps, detergents, waxes, and/or creams, which also cause a dulling film on your jewelry. To avoid skin irritation and to keep your jewelry bright, do not wear your rings when using cleaning products or lotions, and clean your rings frequently.


I saw an item I wanted a long time ago, but now I can’t find it in on your website. Is it still possible to order this item?

Yes, if it is still in our active line. We can only make so many items in a certain pattern before its all gone. And, we try to highlight new items introduced in our line plus many of our best selling items. All items in our active line may be viewed online. Prices are subject to change without notice. Please contact us if you have any questions.

I placed my order yesterday, but today I found another item I want to add to my order. What should I do?

Once an order is completed, the next order is treated as a totally separate order. If you can call us before we ship your item, we might be able to share the shipping box with the additional items. However, if it has already been shipped, another order will have to be placed.


Do you have James Avery gift cards?

Yes, we have gift cards available and you may order our gift cards in predetermined amounts. You may order a Spoon Ring Guy gift card online, in-store at Pipe & Palette or by calling us.

How do I check the balance of my gift card?

You may check the balance of your gift card by contact us for further assistance.


I am purchasing a gift online. Do you have gift packaging?

You will need to select gift wrapping as an add-on when checking out online. We will enclose the jewelry you select in a protective covering inside our shipment box.  If you wish, we will add your personal message on an enclosed card. These services are complimentary, of course. At Spoon Ring Guy we want to make your gift giving as special --- and as easy --- as we can.


I have a relative in the Armed Forces. Can you ship to them?

Yes, we can ship by standard delivery service to APO/FPO addresses. Charges vary and we are prohibited from shipping to some foreign countries.